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Sam DuRegger, Founder of StoryBuild Publishing packaging journals for beta users distribution.

StoryBuild Publishing

Products for the digitally distracted.

At my core I am a technologist wanting build useful and positive products for humanity. StoryBuild Publishing is about moving users to the fundamentals of creation, wonder, and play. With a bit of GSD in the mix.

Soapbox: Free as a business model, never cost us so much -- our privacy, our politics and yes, even our own free will. Algorithms are not empathetic, they are strategically built to keep you engaged within the walls of the platform and to sell you everything your pre-determined segment is buying.

Unfortunately, this faulty business model has an unintended consequence. Disingenuous advertisers take advantage of the algorithms that push users toward the most shocking, most polarized content to ensure the user stays online transfixed to the screen. These abusers are motivated by short-term profits driven by watch counts and ad revenue. And some have ulterior motives, proselytizing political, religious, or conspiracy manifestos. Users stuck in this loop sit motionless, paralyzed in self-gratification and the constant dopamine hits provided by provocative words, images and videos emanating from our screens. All these things create a great unrest, as fear reduces us down to distracted and easily manipulated consumers.

There is Hope: I join many others in the cause for more humane technology and look forward to the day when the products we build push users toward their best self, but not at the expense of everyone else. Society is defined as a place where people of different tradition, reason, experience, and emotion live together in unity - join me in building a better products and experiences which can help lead to a more healthy society.