"Definitely recommend trying these out."

My product team has starting using screens + dot grid notebooks and really liking the combination of dot gird and screens to sketch and work through product ideas. Definitely recommend trying these out.

Cameron Shurtz, Director of Product at Life.Church

“I love having everything organized in one notebook.”

I used to just draw increasingly-wobbly boxes before starting to scrawl out each next step in the flow. Those print-out phone screen templates were annoying to keep track of and never on-hand. I love having everything organized in one notebook and ready to sketch out a new idea.

Bradford Ulrich, Digital Strategy and E-commerce at SONIC Drive-In

"Highly recommend them to anyone who works in the problem solving space. "

I’ve been using these notebooks for awhile now and I love them. They are perfect for quick thumbnails during brainstorming sessions. I’ve used them to show the design and dev teams what the intent and context are around some of my decisions. Really love being able to rapidly iterate on ideas before spending lots of design hours on them.

Walter Colindres, Product Lead in QSR space

Sam DuRegger, Founder of StoryBuild

Products for the digitally distracted.

At my core I am a technologist wanting build useful and positive products for humanity. StoryBuild Publishing is about moving users to the fundamentals of creation, wonder, and play. With a bit of GSD in the mix. 

Soapbox: Free as a business model, never cost us so much -- our privacy, our politics and yes, even our own free will. Algorithms are not empathetic, they are strategically built to keep you engaged within the walls of the platform and to sell you everything your pre-determined segment is buying. 

I join many others in the cause for more humane technology and look forward to the day when the products we build -- push users toward their best self, but not at the expense of everyone else.

Purchasing a StoryBuild product funds a movement of makers, like me, who are passionate about building ethical products and experiences for the digitally distracted.