StoryBuild Journals


Everyday carry journals for product managers, UX designers, visual designers and mobile product designers.

Details: Made for quick sketches and concepts of new features for mobile apps, web experiences and other digital interactions made within a rectangle screen.

- 10 screens on each page
- 60 pages = 600 screens
- draw in portrait or landscape

StoryBuild Journals


Everyday carry journals for film students, videographers, directors, editors, producers and screenwriters.

Details: Quickly capture concepts, scenes, spacing, dialogue and other thematic elements for your visual story. Rectangles pre-drawn with lines beside for commentary.

- 5 storyboards on each page
- 60 pages = 300 storyboards
- Lines for notes and dialogue

StoryBuild Journals

Screens + Dot Grid

Everyday carry journals for visual storytellers, product designers, producers and product managers.

Details: The hybrid — screens on one side and dot grid on the other. Allows for concepts within the screens with expanded sketches or comments on the opposite page.

- 10 screens on one page
- Dot Grid on the opposite page
- 60 pages = 300 screens


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